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90% of all sports gamblers, anyone who bets money on sports, lose money. Most are recreational gamblers who justify their gambling as a form of entertainment, just having "fun." That is certainly acceptable, but this manual is not for them.

This Free sports betting manual is for those that don't bet on sports for "fun," but bet on sports to make money. There is a big difference. Sure, everyone wants to win the bets they place, but few are disciplined enough to educate themselves and apply the methods of what they've learned.  These are the 10 strategies that are explained in the book:

1. How to start betting on football as a beginner
2.How to know all the terms used in sport betting to know all the sport betting company in nigeria
4. How to Make a bet for one reason and one reason only
5.How to  Do the opposite of the masses
How to Use less popular games to your advantage
7. How to  Bet early if you believe you have an advantage
8.How to Research, Analyze, Interpret, and Record
The Right Business Mindset where Huch, Feelings, Hope, Emotions and Greed don't exist
10.How to bet on sport and win regularly

Here are OTHER THINGS we cover in this book:

  • Understanding the Sports Betting World

  • How to beat the sportsbooks at their own game

  • Spend 30 minutes a day operating this business

  • Why favourites and underdogs mean absolutely nothing

  • Which sports are the best to wager on

  • Why you should never use over/under, spreads and parlays

  • How to cash the sportsbooks bonuses (it's a lot harder than it used to be since most of them have changed their terms and conditions but still
    achievable if done right)

  • Which sportsbooks to use if you're in the Nigeria
  • The best and most convenient way to open accounts with different
    sports betting company and how to withdraw your money and make deposits

  • We also explain, in a very comprehensive way, the four cornerstones of
    this business and how they are closely tied together.

This sports gambling strategy manual is for those who take sports betting seriously, and their primary objective is to win money.

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