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After shutting down the service for about 6months because im busy...well im back on it again

this time with only 20 guys only.....lets get paid withing the space of the shortest time

READ ON BELOW and its facebook page (baba ijebu pay me my dough) will now provide a text message subscription plan for sure numbers on ghana lottery and baba ijebu(premier lotto)


Get access to the best 5 bankers from best and top rated forecasters who specialized  in  ghana games

and i will even show you the best 2 and 3 direct

on your mobile phone 3 times a week (lucky g,fortune,National)

This website is willing to work with 20 guys only on this plan and will only accept payment of 3 months for the VIP service

but remember as a free member on this website you will still get our predictions through email

BUT premium or v.i,p members will get the games through sms and get one on one with me on phone

if you have been finding it hard to win the lotto


this maybe for you....even if you think you are not a lucky guy

its a lie and you are wrong nobody came to this world unlucky

 even if you are an agent...get more customers with my games

you will win with us im sure

join us

at #2,000 per month (3 months minimum) plus my lotto ebook

#12,000 for 6 months (6 months maximum)plus my lotto ebook

yes just @2,000 per month (3months minimum) nothing more

you will get the sure numbers as text message on your mobile phone  3 times  a week

but i must warn you

this is not for unbelievers or the faint of heart

if you believe you can make some cool cash with lotto then this must be for you

Now hurry because i cant promise that new people will be allowed all the time

this is an opportunity to be a part of a winning team

dont dull yourself

i run a free subcription for this plan and a lot of people won with it more than once the same week!



how will you pay for this service?







OLD       4714843211590

NEW      0036460046





ACCOUNT NO;   0060429204



ACCOUNT  NO:1120612817


then send a text message to



you will receive a confirmation  from us immediately

lets get paid

 nb: This week  na win through out oo..dont miss it!


see the 'shift' has started.....and picking up momentum quickly

the profits are shifting from the normal winning you use to know we are

getting paid now every week

so quickly that my free text msg plan trial subscribers(over 250)made cash as a result of

the shift

you can join us now with this plan

and just like everything new,those people who get on this shift before it becomes a thing for everyone will make the bulk of the cash

this week and the one ahead will be too good to ignore,we reaching a tipping point quickly

and you need to make a decision fast


Do you want to be ahead of the Game for once in your life?

or do you want to be stuck trying to catch up with everyone who has win big with lotto again?

but know this the shift is starting with you or without

and we will be making big money!!!

Thanks and GOD Bless


                                             our service explained in tabular form below

The below services is for our monthly subscribers (V.I.Ps) and our free new subscribers                                                                                                                                                                 

(free members)                                              (V.I.Ps)paid service(2k per month....3 months minimum)

            receiving of games on email   
  receiving of games on mobile phones

  free downloads of lottery eBooks
  free downloads of lotto soft wares




i  know you believe hard work pays in the future

but here




 lotto games has a risk to reward exposure. There is no guarantee that will always  achieve profit and is not liable for any loss incurred. Lastly, do not play with money you can not afford to lose


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