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  1. is registration free?

    yes to register its free  and you get our games for free for 3odays,,but the best deal i would want you to go for is the v.i.p where you get games on your mobile phones through text message

    just 2k per month

  2. how do i get your games

    you get our game through emails at exactly 5pm and on your facebook wall too

    but to get promp game so you dont miss anything i ll advise you to join our lottowinners plan

    click the link below

    so you dont miss out on anything ever again you get access to games and results daily through your mobile phone

  3. how sure are your game?

    well we are always 75% sure on the games we post but you know we are not the machine,so we can promise you will win everyday but we will improve your chance of winning thats our promise

  4. do i need to pay you if i win with your game?

    its not compulsory but inorder to keep the good work goin you will agree with us that you donate any amount you think is good so that we can achieve our dream of making this website completely free in the near future

  5. if i have other questions how can i get you

    simple mail


    you can also call 08125653442

    and you will recieve immediate response

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