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Posted by on September 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Sunday StrategiesHaving a positive attitude is as important in your business as it is in your life. When your business is not the traditional 9 to 5, go to the office type job, you are likely to find a lot of skeptical people around you spreading their negativity in your direction. After all, misery loves company. Don’t let their attitude spoil your hopes and dreams!

Successful people will tell you that a positive mental attitude is essential to achieving any long term success. So, how do you ward off all the negativity? Here are a few steps the help you stay positive and to achieve your goals:

1. Stay away from lobsters!Lobsters (people with negative attitudes) are detrimental to success! They don’t want you to succeed – they want to keep you down at their level. Have you ever watched a tank full of lobsters? When one of them has climbed its way to the top, do the others give it helpful boost up? NO! They grab it and pull it back down! Negative people are just like lobsters – they keep pulling you back down. Stay far away from those type of people!.

2. Look for the pony!There were two twins – one the eternal optimist, the other the eternal pessimist. Their parents decided to try to “level out” their attitudes. On their birthday, the pessimist found his room filled with toys! As he opened them, he said, “This will fall apart…This is junk…I don’t like this one…” The optimist found his room full of manure! He jumped in and began digging. His pessimist brother asked why he was doing that. The optimist replied, “With all this manure, there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!” Find the positive in every situation.

3. Be a Weeble!“Weebles wooble, but they don’t fall down.” Falling is okay as long as you keep getting back up! There are countless stories of people who achieved greatness after failing over and over again. What made them successful was the fact that they kept getting back up, kept going forward, kept reaching for their goal. You can wooble, you can even fall, but get back up. Remember, you only need to get up one more time than you fell to be successful.

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