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Meet the lottery winner who blowed her money any how

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Meet the Lottery Winner who Blows Through $10.5 million, Now She takes Bus to Work

Sharon Tirabassi is a generous soul. So generous that she gave away half of her $10.5 million Lotto Super 7 winnings and blew through the rest.

Today, the 35-year-old “penniless millionaire” rides the bus to work and struggles to make ends meet until her next paycheck.

Nine years ago, Tirabassi, of Hamilton, Ontario Canada, cashed in her winning Powerball ticket and collected $10,569,000.10.

At first Tirabassi and her then-boyfriend, Vinny, also 35, were ecstatic at their good fortune. They shared the wealth with family and close friends, lavishing their loved ones with gifts, cash, cars, and exotic trips. She gave her parents $1 million cash and divided another $1.75 million among her siblings.



She married Vinny in 2004, and they bought a dream home together for $515,000. They spent money recklessly, and at one point owned 4 cars — a bright yellow Hummer, a Mustang, a Dodge Charger and a $200,000-plus, customized Cadillac Escalade. Most of the $200,000 was spent on the Caddy’s elaborate sound system, which didn’t endear them to their neighbors.

Her personal license plate read: “BABIPHAT,” after Kimora Lee’s now-defunct clothing line.

Tirabassi said she didn’t like her neighbors. “They didn’t like young people,” she says.

Her available cash reserves seemed endless. Tirabassi said she would check her bank account from time to time, but there were so many zeroes she thought everything was fine.

“You don’t think it’ll go (at the time), right?” she says. Then one day she checked her bank account and the money was almost gone.

“And that was time for fun to stop and to just go back to life,” she says.

Her husband Vinny served 2 stints in prison and, eventually, she lost the house and all the cars (Vinny crashed the Mustang).

Even though she’s broke, she says she’s happier today than she was when she was a millionaire.

She’s employed as a personal support worker and she provides for her husband’s 3 kids and her 3 kids from a previous relationship.

What’s left of her jackpot is locked in a mandatory trust fund for the children, which they will receive when they turn 26.

Tirabassi says she’s happy that at least her children will be okay. Money is tight now, but she appreciates the little things in life.


“Money is the root of all evil,” she says, recalling all her “friends” who disappeared when the money ran out.

“Money doesn’t buy you happiness. It caused her a lot of headaches,” Vinny says.


“All of that other stuff was fun in the beginning,” says Tirabassi, “Now it’s like … back to life.

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1banker competition rules and regulations

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We need to win more and we need to find a way to get our dream cash from this man called baba ijebu and i will always do anything within my power to get more people paid and keep the game interesting along the way too.


thats what  brought out the idea of this one banker take all


i know everyone can write any number when it does not require to forgo anything like cash..if i say "1 banker lets goo"...even a dummy can write any number and call it sure number but when you are require to drop cash before you can post any number that's when u sit tight and non-forecaster will pull out and good forecaster will earn the respect of the players and get extra cash along the line


ok this how the competition will work


a forecaster will have to send a credit worth of 500 naira of stated network as posted on the day of the competition by the admin.

the competition will only accommodate 10 forecasters that means at the day of the competition 5,000 worth recharge cards will be up for grab to the winner of the competition i.e the forecaster whose banker appeared in the winning result of the national of that day

incase there is more than 1 winner i.e 2 or more forecasters banker dropped, in that case the winners will share the total recharge cards among themselves

but if there is no winner in a week(God forbid) the prize will be shifted to the following week there fore making that week prize 10,000 which is also winner take all


so Here are the

rules and regulation of the competition


1. Every forecaster willing to participate in the competition must be a member of is free and can be done using a computer or a smart fone only) because that is where the competition will always take place..the forum is secured for users alone

2. all the stakers and players willing to use the bankers must also be a member of since the bankers will be posted openly on the forum for everyone to use in their games.. the only requirement is you be a member of the site which is absolutely free !


2. to be eligible for the competition  you must send a recharge card worth of 500 naira of the network which will be determined by the admin on the day of the competition and to a designated number which will be posted on the forum and Facebook for every one to see


3. the competition closes for participants in either of the following situations

i. the total numbers of forecasters needed is completed

ii. the time frame allowed for the competition as elapsed


4. on any day of the competition, the competition closes at exactly 2pm on every day of national which the competition is taking place


5. winners will get the recharge card reward after the result has been announced on the day of the competition through the phone number he/she transact with during the competition


6. when entering the competition every forecaster will have to ask if he can still enter the competition before sending a recharge card to the admin

7. when sending competition fee the forecaster in question must send a msg with his username on and the recharge card follow by his banker

for example - (username: efeezy2020 card: 23455678987654332 banker :34 )


im sure with this competition our rate of winning will increase and good forecasters will get some reward for their hard work and respect too


this competition is a product of

all right reserved


NOTE: the reason why i used lottobigwinners is because i wan t a network where we can know the forecasters and players and that we are sure everybody seeing the competition or using the bankers are of the same we can easily ask for general donation when the bankers win to support the forecasters of that week.


terms and condition applies



new year resolution a LBW

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 Firstly i would love to give Almighty God the glory for making you and me to see this new year

its not by our power or might but his mercy which endureth for ever

This is a new year and just wanna thank every one for the support and love shown to me and my crew for the past 1 year..for the continuous support when we are winning and when we are losing you never leave me alone kept pushing me to do more and more

Big thanks to all my paid subscribers(v.i.p) they are the one that kept this website going on for the free members..thanks y'all i will make sure by Gods grace this year is superb for all of us

please the free members should always check their emails for my games while i will continue to send the forecasted numbers via sms to the paid members..i hope to start getting us paid right from the first week we all need cash this 2013

and By Gods grace God will help us

please if you are a forecaster and Good please you can support me by posting sure numbers on this website forum and im sure your gopod deeds wont go un noticed believe me

if you have not join this website please do so today because there is going to be a great benefit to all members o this website this 2013




How To Start Winning Free Cash!

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check your inbox for lucky g

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check your email for lucky g

all the best today

if you are new register and become a member today


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i believe God in its infinite mercy will give us today national so please check your mail around 5pm in the evening

all the best

fortune today

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check your inbox if you are a member for todays fortune..i f you are not a member please join by registering on the website..its free all the best!

fortune today

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check your inbox if you are a member for todays fortune..i f you are not a member please join by registering on the website..its free all the best!

getting ready for lucky g?

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its a new week with high expectation

i believe this week willl be good ! as i said yesteerday i ve lined up 3 games for this week

lucky g



by 5pm today if you are a member of this website please check your email and all v.i.p members will get the game via text message

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all the best this week guys!

new week new success!

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how was the weekend?

last week wasnt that much of the was not bad for me and v.i.p members unfortunately i was unable to ge near my computer a lot last week so i couldnt mail my free members that much

fortune paid though

i promise to send 3 games to everyone this week! (lucky g,fortune and national) so free member stay locked to your email inbox while v.i.p members will still get the games through sms no dulling

goodluck to us this week

all the best


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