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there are a lot of great matches going on today

from premier league where we have West Ham playing Chelsea at home and arsenal,mancity,man u and a lot of other teams that you can predict and win big on

dont forget the SPAIN: Primera Division

where we have

Barcelona hosting Ath Bilbao at home and Real Madrid vs Atl. Madrid and a lot of other great matches today

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happy ed el mubarak from lottowinnersclub

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Salam 2 al muslim brothers nd sisters......tnk GOD 4 keeping us til 2day, may Almighty Allah grant all our request...... Edi- mubarak......

BREAKING NEWS: At Last Boko Haram Commander "Abu Qaqa" Arrested In Kano

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in a significant victory by Nigerian security operatives against the Boko Haram militant

group, top commanders of the sect have been arrested after security operatives carried out a successful raid against the sect in Kano.

Sources in the SSS say Abu Qaqa, the sect's spokesman and other

top commanders were arrested when the Kano State Joint Task Force, JTF, carried out a sweeping raid on the sect's hide-outs in Kano State.


The Kano JTF has confirmed the raid and the arrests but could not confirm the identity of the other

arrested Boko-Haram leaders.


However, independent sources

have said the sect's spokesman, Abu Qaqa was one of those arrested.


It was learnt that the

non-disclosure of the details of the arrested officers was because the arrested members

were refusing to co-operate with security operatives.


The Federal Government is also being careful about disclosing the names of the arrested officials apparently for fear of embarrassment, the type it suffered earlier in the year when the government disclosed that Abu Qaqa, the sect's commander/spokesman had been arrested, and it turned out to be false.


When she was contacted, spokesperson for the

SSS, Marilyn Ogar, refused to comment.


Addition report by Premium Times

Champions League: Real Madrid vs Manchester City today @ 7:45pm

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τ̲̅ђƺ Champions League 2012/2013 Kick Off with 2 Fantastic Team playing tonight. τ̲̅ђƺ King of Spain Hosting that of English for a Match to be Tagged " τ̲̅ђƺ Clash of Titans" by Football Addicts.

i predict that mouriho bous will win tonight!

what do u think

Behind the scene photos: Kcee ft Flavour - Give it to me

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just browsing the net then i saw this and i feel like i should let you guys wee it too

so guys what do you think

happy birthday to tu baba

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Its Tu Face Idibia's birthday and he is seriously getting a load of love from his fans all over the world.


Tu Face was born on September 18 1975, making him 37 this year.

happy birthday to a music icon



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As you all know, our thespians in Nollywood are busy earning money from various avenues and endeavours. They sign endorsements deals, release and produce movies, design clothing lines, own boutiques, write blogs online and so on. For those who have remained in the artistic path, online portals like nigeriafilms are the venue through which they get to reach out to their public at large online. We, at nigeriafilms, got the honour to sit at movie premieres and revert back to our site to voice our opinions and sound off to our readership. Our forums are hot with comments of our forumites who loved or loathed a movie and they are free to express themselves any which way they see fit. And that's the problem right there. At least from the part of our Nollywood stars. Some Nollywood stars expressed concerns and reservations. Now take a wild guess and work with me here: What possibly could those reservations and concerns be all about? Let's see: Their work is going public? That's the whole point of being in the lime light in the first place. Their work landing on the number one portal online for Nigerian entertainment? Surely not. Their work being exposed to our worldwide readership on all 5 continents? Not even close. Their integrity being tempered with? Don't even go there! Then what could possibly be the problem? Our comments section under the articles! Yes! Granted, some comments come across pretty rough and some "stars"do not feel they were doing them, their work nor their career any justice. To add insult to injury, some thespians have gone the extra mile to "demand" that we edit the hurtful comments out and leave only the ones in their favour! We say no! Flat out no! Granted, we love us some entertainment, we love having fun, our stars are pretty/handsome, classy and we've laughed, shed a tear or two or had our hearts melt while watching them on our silver screen. Granted they have paid her dues in Nollywood and the much publicised reports of their trials and pains on and off screen got our collective hearts go out to them and we remembered them in our daily prayers to the Lord. Granted they have the cutest smile/face in the game and we never tire hearing their voices with the perfect diction. Check, check, and check! Having said that, we feel here, at Nigeriafilms, that because of all the above, the stars should have developed by now a skin thick enough to deal with criticism and backlash of any kind. We feel that the whole point of having an open forum where anyone is free to share a piece of their minds is to favour free expression. Nollywood thespians expresse themselves through their art, their public expresses itself on the forums of our site. We feel that they should welcome negative criticism as a means to improve whatever they are doing that irks the public to the point of backlash. They should be glad to have a real-life reflection of how they are being perceived by the public at large and a global public at that. And last but not least, no one, and we mean no one has the right to tell us how to run our business or what to do with our website. However rich, beautiful, powerful or influential they might be. Unless they pay our bills! Kidding! So we say no we are going to let our forumies express themselves freely without being edited or censured. Ans so it remains, Eagle Eye for

Photo: How and where President Obama gets his haircut. Unbelievable!

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Now let's really look at it from the perspective it should be looked at: He is a president, and therefore there should be a presidential barber with a presidential clipper and a presidential wiper around that place. The barber should be a professor of edge and styles with a masters degree in art or related courses. He should be sitting on a presidential sit with golden combs and mirror that could reflect the heart. There should be a magnificent Tv there showing only CNN and possibly only news on terrorist groups. Should we say this is job from the photoshop just because we can't see all these?

The northerners that the southerners dont know

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THE general belief held by most southerners about the North is that the region is not just mainly Muslim, but wholly Muslim. Whenever I meet someone from the South and introduce myself, I am correctly placed as a Christian. But once I am asked my state and I say Borno State, the next question becomes, 'Are you a Muslim?' This is despite my name being a very common Biblical name, Mark, which is the second Gospel. Matter of fact, I have been asked that question while attending a church programme, with a Bible conspicuously held in my hands. You could imagine my surprise at that question. This has also been the experience of a lot of friends with common names such as 'Emmanuel', 'Daniel', etc. To start with, out of the 19 Northern states, at least five have a majority Christian population: Plateau, Adamawa, Nassarawa, Taraba and Benue. At least six more have at least 40 per cent Christian population. These states include Niger, Gombe, Kaduna, Kogi, Kwara and either Borno or Bauchi. That then leaves only Kano, Kebbi, Katsina, Jigawa, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara as having Muslim populations above 60 per cent. How then are we all seen as Muslims?This misconception could be excused when the person has an Arabic name, as there are many Northern Christians who bear names such as Jamila, Habiba, Halima, Sadiq, and Yunusa and so on. But when the person has an obvious Christian name and is even attends church services, you really begin to wonder. Another common perception of the North is that we are all Hausa. My usual response to this is to borrow the logical argument of Simon Kolawole, the Editor-in-Chief of THISDay Newspapers. In an article in which he attempted to educate his largely southern readership base about the North, he went thus: "If out of the estimated 250 tribes in Nigeria, we can say that the South-West is mainly Yoruba with a few other tribes around Badagry area, the South-East wholly Igbo and the South-South being most diverse in the South with about 40 tribes, that still leaves the remaining 200 tribes in the North." How then are we reduced to one single ethnic group, Hausa? It is only the North-West that is close to being homogenous, mainly Hausa and Fulani, but with still some minority tribes in the Zuru area of Kebbi State and the multi-diverse Southern Kaduna. The North-East and North-Central is filled with tribes, many of whom I have never even heard of. For example, Adamawa State is so diverse that the largest ethnic group, the Fulani, is just three per cent of the entire population. In my home state of Borno, there is a local government so diverse that from one village to another, you are likely to meet an entirely different ethnic group. The number of tribes there are so many that we just address the people as 'Gwoza people', after the name of the local government. Even though we all speak Hausa as a lingua franca in order to communicate amongst ourselves as trading partners over the centuries, that doesn't make us Hausa people as much as communicating English doesn't make you and I English people. As a matter of fact, in the North-East, Hausa people are a minority and virtually non-existent in the North-Central region. Now, this is one belief that whenever I am confronted with, it takes me a great deal of self-control not to flip out and lose my temper. Times without number, when I tell people I am from Borno State, I am asked how come I speak such good English. What the hell? What am I supposed to speak? Arabic? The general expectation is that someone from the North is not supposed to be this learned, this well-spoken and articulate in English, this knowledgeable. I remember when a friend asked me if my mother went to school, and the surprised look on his face when I told him that my mum earned her masters' degree over 20 years ago. There was also a time when my dad met someone at the Lagos International Airport and they got talking. When my dad told him his profession, the man, in a fit of surprise, exclaimed, 'I didn't know that there were professors in the North'. I admit the fact that the North lags behind the South educationally, especially the North-West and the North-East. But this is not due to our inability to comprehend what we are being taught, but rather due to the incompetence of leadership in the region to give education its premium importance as a form of human development. We, like every other human being on the face of this earth, can excel when given the opportunity.Talent and intellect abounds everywhere. Opportunity, however, does not.I personally know of many northerners who have excelled nationally and internationally. Daily, the story of young men like Ahmed Mukoshy, who is born, bred and schooled in Sokoto, and yet, rose above his environment to become one of the emerging forces in IT in this country in his early 20s inspires me. This is just one example among many that I could cite but for the lack of space. I find it outright disgusting whenever people claim that if not for federal character and 'zoning', no northerner would be able to compete in this country. Last week, I was shocked when a friend said only 10 per cent of northerners in the Federal Civil Service deserved their places on merit, and went on to add that if he had not known me personally and I were to get a job with the Federal Government, he would believe that I did not earn it on merit. The most ridiculous one I encountered was when earlier this year, former Minister of Finance, Dr Mansur Mukhtar was appointed a World Bank director. Most of the commentators on the 234Next article announcing this achievement for this Nigerian and Nigeria made the ludicrous assertion that the appointment was done to please the North, that Dr Mukhtar did not merit it. Little did they know that Dr Mukhtar had worked at the World Bank and the African Development Bank, prior to his heading Nigeria's Budget Office on the invitation of the then and present Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and former World Bank Managing Director, who also recommended him for the post of Finance Minister when she rejected former President Umaru Yar'adua's invitation to join his government. What is even worse is that they did not care to know: their minds were already made up and could not be confused with the facts. Another common belief among southerners and most especially spread by southern newspapers is that the entire 19 Northern states act and think as one when it comes to issues of Northern politics. This is one of the biggest untruths about the North. Whenever northern Nigeria is mentioned, the people of Benue, Kogi and Kwara states do not feel it refers to them. Geographically, they are part of the North; politically, however, they and the entire Middle-Belt act independently. This can be clearly in the last elections where President Goodluck Jonathan won in 7 Northern states, even against his strongest opponent, General Muhammadu Buhari, who is a northerner. This was something I am sure a lot of people in the South, save for the political savvy, did not see coming. One common sight of this perception being entrenched by newspapers is when politicians of Northern extraction speak on national issues. I have innumerably seen a washed-out Northern politician, without any influence or popularity speak regarding an issue, and the next day, newspapers carry bold headlines saying, 'North rejects this' or 'North plans to do that', quoting the same washed-out politician as speaking for the entire North. I have rarely seen a Bola Tinubu speaking and being quoted as the mouthpiece of the entire Yoruba ethnic group, or a Chief Edwin Clark for the Ijaw people. Methinks this is a way of selling newspapers by capitalizing on the image of the North as one single, political force which moves in a particular direction all-together Admittedly, as people of the same region, we share a lot in common culturally and socially in the general terms: our mannerisms, modes of dressing, traditional titles (apart from paramount rulers with the exception of emirates), etc. Despite that, the Jukun in Taraba and the Kataf in Kaduna are very different in the specifics, as even the Bura and Marghi people of Borno/Adamawa States. To pick the attitude of one ethnic group in the North and attach it to all the others, is to put it mildly, a very short-sighted way of knowing and understanding the people of Northern Nigeria. Another belief in the South is that the entire North is but an empty landmass with nothing but trees.I remember the controversy of the 2006 census when Kano State was said to have a slightly higher population than Lagos State. Many of my southern friends called it 'an impossibility'. In the words of one of them, 'Lagos is so populated that when you throw grains of rice into the air, they wouldn't land on the ground, but on people'. However, they all forgot to factor in land mass, because Lagos State is a much smaller state than Kano State, and hence has the highest population density in Nigeria, hence making it look as though it was way more populated. Amaza, a public affairs commentator, lives in Kaduna.

D’banj, Don Jazzy saga: Wande Coal withdraws tweet?

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In 2009, when Wande Coal stormed the scene as the newest addition to the Mo’hit’s family, everyone saw the bond between him and the Koko master D’banj grow dramatically. It was therefore understandable when during the uproar that followed the split of Don Jazzy and D’Banj, Wande Coal had kept mute.

He was silent everywhere; both on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Until lately, when reports filtered in that the ten ten crooner had allegedly dropped tweets on social networking site Twitter in reaction to a new development on the Mo’Hits trouble only to withdraw the said tweet less than twenty four hours later.

*Wande Coal, Don Jazzy & D'banj

According to the gist, Wande had allegedly reacted to a story blowing in the rumour mills that D’banj allegedly asked Don Jazzy in a leaked email to return the Bentley he (D’banj) reportedly bought for Don Jazzy.

Wande was alleged to have tweeted “saying that he bought a car for Don Jazzy is wrong and untrue. Come onnnnnn. Well I don’t think he said that sha till I see a video of this”

As you read this, the said tweet is not on Wande’s timeline on twitter yet those who swear they saw it are sticking to their story.

Wande Coal has however made no comments to claim or deny this tweet and with the silence has come rather ridiculous guesses that probably hackers had been at work again.

This latest development comes as insiders say another label like Mo’Hits may re-emerge should Don Jazzy manage to rebuild a new music empire that would bare his name and seal alone.

As for the alleged tweet, what do you think is the mystery here? Did the tweet disappear after second thoughts from Wande Coal or is this a tweet that never existed? Share your thoughts.

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